Relocating To Louisville KY

You’re going to Love Louisville KY!

Relocating To Louisville KY

¬†So you’re relocating to Louisville KY. Was it a job? Moving to be closer to family? Maybe your recently married and your spouse is from Louisville and just homesick.

What ever the reason you’re going to find yourself falling in Love with our city.

You’ll find that property is very affordable here in KY as a whole, with Louisville having a wealth of charming suburbs and beautiful neighborhoods. One of our old sayings it that everywhere in Louisville is only 15 minutes away.

One of the first things you’re going to clue in on as a new resident is the many different ways you’ll hear the name “Louisville” pronounced. So lets just list them here now.

  1. Lewisville: Now this might sound right by looking at the way Louisville is spelled but it’s not the correct local pronunciation.
  2. Looeyville: Nope not this one either.
  3. Looavull: DING DING DING, yes as crazy as it may sound this is the right way to say Louisville. Another exception that’s also allowable would be looaville. Anything other than these two pronunciations and local residents may look at you a little funny.

Knowing the main roads is also helpful to new residents. Mainly there are 5. There’s I65 that runs north south from southern Indiana all the way south out the other end of Louisville. Then there’s I71 that starts at the Center of Louisville on the river and runs all the way to Cinn OH. Also we have I64 That cuts from the northeast corner of Louisville and runs all the way out the southwest side. Then their is the inner belt that’s referred to as the Henry Watterson Expressway that runs all the way around the city about half way out. After that there’s the outer belt called the Gene Snyder Freeway That runs around the entire southern side to the far northeast side. Don’t worry, It’s not as complicated as it seems and Louisville is a very easy city to get around in.

The Sunny Side of Louisville

Louisville is a river town. And like all rivers ours has a shore on the other side. This is the tri-city area and the residents of Clarksville, Jeffersonville, And New Albany Indiana consider themselves part of the Greater Louisville area and refer to themselves as “The Sunny Side of Louisville”. We’re not going to argue with them. They’re great folks and we love having them in the family so to say.

What in the world is Kentuckiana?

You’re going to hear the phrase Kentuckiana a lot and see it in print also. Louisville and her three small sister cities on the other side of the river are simply called Kentuckiana when referring to them as a whole.

Oh yeah, about our weather..

It doesnt’ matter what you like or where you’re from. We have a little something for everybody. A local saying is “If you don’t like the weather just hang around it’s bound to change” and that’s right. Being centrally located in the US with fronts coming up from the gulf and down from the North. It can be 32 degrees today and 75 tomorrow. As I write this it’s gone from 53 2 days ago to around 85 today.

Things of interest in Louisville

  • Churchill Downs
  • Louisville Slugger Field
  • Louisville Slugger Museum
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Belle of Louisville Steamboat
  • Louisville Water Front Park & The Great Lawn
  • Kentucky Science Center
  • Actors Theater of Louisville
  • The Louisville Zoo
  • The Speed Art Museum
  • Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay
  • Freedom Hall

Yeah. We have a little of everything here in “The Ville” and we’re glad you’ve chosen our city as your new home. We’ll see you out and about!