When To Refinance

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When To Refinance a Mortgage in Louisville KYWhen to refinance a home loan, or mortgage is a good question.

Will it be economically better to do it now, or should a person wait to see what the rates and the market will do?

A lot of questions need to be answered before determining the best time to start seriously thinking about refinancing a home loan or mortgage.

The same advice, or formula used to determine if it’s the best thing to do at a given time is situational to the client and the market.

Without a solid amount of accurate information that’s being properly analyzed by an mortgage industry specialist it’s next to impossible to determine if it’s the right decision or not.

Consultation for refinancing questions

If you’re online looking for accurate answers as to when to refinance a home loan or mortgage, we encourage you to call or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Not that there’s not a lot of good information online, there is. But what to make of it all? The changing rates? Credit scores? Employment history? Current home value? Debt to income ratios? All of these factors and more come into play when determining when to refinance a current mortgage loan.


What information will we need when you call?


For the initial consultation you should have:

  • Verifiable house hold income figures.
  • The current mortgage holder of your home. The monthly payment statement is best.
  • An itemized list of your current monthly payments.
  • A list of residential history going back 5 years. (where you’ve lived)
  • Current personal and contact information. (phone#, current address, date of birth, drivers license#, current employer, previous 2 years of employment history)


What to expect from initial consultation?


Well for one thing, we can get to know each other a bit to see if we will be a good fit.

A good mortgage broker  will work closely with their clients and listen to their needs and address any concerns through out the entire refinancing process. We’re a small brokerage that focus’s on individuals and their needs. Our philosophy is that people need to be accurately informed before they take any steps as to when, or even if, refinancing their home is a good idea when all things are considered.

Also, we’re fully licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana as a full service mortgage broker. And we’re local to the Louisville area. We don’t need a lot of information to get started. Just fill out our contact form and we will get with you to get the ball moving. If you’re uncomfortable sending your personal contact info over the internet, we encourage you to just pick up the phone and call. If you don’t get started you’ll never get there!


Call us today for professional advice on when to refinance 502-405-8834