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Best mortgage rates in kentucky and indianaHow to get the best mortgage rates in Kentucky and Indiana?

It starts by giving us a call or filling out our CONTACT US FORM here on our site. Because we’re a privately owned brokerage without the large over head associated with over sized organizations we can be more competitive with our rates. We’re into building relationships with our clients, not corporate palaces for over sized staffs to work in.

With our personalized system we will work to get you the best mortgage rates possible. We use several lenders that have to be competitive to keep themselves in business and we use that as one of the many tools we have. Competition has been lowering prices and rates since economies and budgets have existed.


Key things to consider for lower rates


    • The Down Payment: When it comes to getting a low rate it’s a given that the more money you put down, the lower your rate will be. Lending institutions like to see the borrower put some skin (money) into the game. It’s possibly the biggest single factor concerning your rate next to your credit score and payment history.
    • Buying as opposed to refinancing: When you’re buying a home there’s typically about one-eighth of a percentage point lower rate than if you’re refinancing.
    • Waiving Escrow: This will in effect make the loan a riskier venture for the lender and will result in the likelihood of raising your overall interest rate by about one-eighth of a percentage point. Most mortgage brokers will advise you against this practice.
    • Locking in your rates: Your close date can effect your interest rate. For example, locking a rate for 60 days will not result in as high of a rate as it would be to lock in a rate for 90 days.


Of course we only hi-lite some of the more obvious things in our list that can and do effect potential interest rates. We recommend picking up the phone and giving us a call. Consultation is free, and we’re more than ready to answer any questions you may have concerning your upcoming purchase or refinance. We’re a full service brokerage certified to provide mortgage rates in both Indiana and Kentucky.


Call our Mortgage Rates Hotline at 502-405-8834