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Bad Credit Home Loans Louisville KYProviding bad credit home loans in Louisville KY is a service that we work hard at. Face it, the economy is down and there are a lot of good people that have had some unexpected life events that they feel may keep them from being able to purchase a home.

While it may be difficult or challenging, it’s not impossible by any means to overcome a lot of the issues associated with bad credit. And we’re here to help our clients over those obstacles.

Being a private held mortgage brokerage is a huge benefit to us and our clients. We have several lenders that we work with on a daily basis and they will work with us  and our clients to overcome credit issues.

How does the home buying process work if I have bad credit?

Getting started is no different than it is when you’re buying a home with good credit. There are the standard things that we will need to get the process started. Like the records of your income history, and job time. Of course we’ll need to take a look at your credit to see how your particular situation will effect how we move forward. But none of it is complicated.

What Kinds of credit issues can we possibly overcome?

  • Bankruptcies: If enough time has passed since your discharge (2 years) and bills have been consistently paid, and job time has been consistent with a low debt to income ratio we may be able to get you a mortgage loan on a home.
  • Medical Bills: With medical bills it will be dependent on how high the outstanding bills are, how long they’ve been owed, and if you have ever been late or negligent with the payments.
  • Student Loan Debt: There are solutions for people with student loan debt to be able to get a home mortgage, there are a lot of factors involved so we recommend calling us to discuss your situation.
  • Credit Card Debt: If your credit card debt is within limits you may potentially be able to purchase a home.

When it comes to getting a bad credit home loan, we recommend calling us to discuss your situation. We can share any available options with you. Consultations are free and if you don’t get started you’ll never get there.

Bad Credit Car Loans

For second chance, bhph, or bad credit car loans financing we can recommend that our website visitors check out the Louisville BHPH Cars site to research buying a car, or truck with slow credit, no credit, or bad credit.

Purchasing a car with bad credit is much easier than purchasing a home or property. A car typically depreciates with age where as homes and land appreciate. This makes the car market much more risky for any lender. This coupled with the fact that land and homes are fixed in position and easily repossessed as opposed to a car or truck that due to it’s nature is easily transportable only adds to the lack of security.


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