Refinance Rates Kentucky

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Refinance rates in Kentucky and Indiana are always situational to the client that’s interested in refinancing a home loan, or mortgage. To get the most up to date accurate refinance rates we suggest calling us at 502-405-8834 or filling out our contact form and asking for an up to date rate quote.


What causes refinance rates to move?


Refinance rates fluctuate daily and checking the rates published online can lead to potentially being misinformed about the true costs of a given individuals overall rates and closing costs associated with refinancing in Kentucky or Indiana. The mortgage process overall can be quite confusing due to how mortgage rates are influenced. It’s not uncommon to hear that mortgage rates are based off of 10 year treasury notes, and while they sometimes tend in the same direction. There are also times when they don’t.

The Pricing of Mortgage Backed Securities is primarily what causes the fluctuations we see in the interest rates associated with refinancing a home mortgage. The demand for Bonds within the market or a lack of demand has a tremendous effect on current rates associated with refinancing a mortgage.

Different programs have different rates

FHA and VA loans will typically have lower refinance rates compared to say a Conventional loan. This is due to the fact that they’re backed (insured) by the Federal Government. Whereas conventional loans have to have private mortgage insurance (PMI) associated with them, this sometimes results in a higher cost.

Also the amount of time that the loan has to be payed off has an effect on the overall rate. Typically the sooner the loan is contracted to be payed off the lower the interest rate will be.

We’ve only listed a few of the more obvious differences in the varying refinance programs and the rates associated with them here. For the best advice, we would need to consult with you to determine your individual situation and the best way for you to move forward on refinancing your current home loan.


Need Accurate Refinance Rates From A Local Pro? Call us at 502-405-8834